Is "Apply Patch..." functionality broken in 92.65 ?

"Apply Patch" dialog does not react on patch file selection when it suppose to show list of files involved in patch etc. I do not think it's patch file incompatibility because it fails to accept newly created patches, as well as older ones, I still have around. There are no exceptions in the log.
Function is completely unusable. Is that just me or anybody else experienced this as well, in which case issue need to be filed ? I was not able find anything related in issues traker.

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I've done a couple of patches with with 92.65, so it isn't universally broken (this is from both TortoiseSVN 1.6.5 generated patches and IDEA generated patches).

I did have a problem with one patch file (generated by TortoiseSVN) that while displaying all the files in the patch would only apply the patch to a subset of those files (it just silently did not apply the diffs or add the new files). Not sure why.


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