Hot-deploy JSPs in web-fragment with Tomcat (Servlet 3.0)

Hi all,

I have a project set up like this:


the 'core' compiles to a .jar within the .war.

However, when deploying this to Tomcat, with debug enabled, I can edit parent.jsp and it will hot deploy, however if I update fragment.jsp then it will not, and I have to re-start the server.
However, any changes to the .java in either project will hot-deploy successfully.
Is anyone aware of any configurations, etc. that may be missing to get web-fragment JSPs to hot deploy?


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I have the exact same issue.
Sad that no one has a clue to fix or to workaround this.

I have read that in eclipse its needed to add the resource directory of the web-fragment in the war deployment assembly.

Maybe there is a workaround for this but sorrly haven't found it yet.


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