Add file to scope/context, either manually or automatically

I really like the ability to narrow the project view (and other views) to only the files I'm currently working on.  I know that I can manually create a scope by defining it in Settings -> Edit Scope, and that one is created for me when I have a changelist, and that's adequate.

However, it's not ideal:

  • Scope-from-changelist misses out on files that I might want to visit for reference while I'm working, but don't want to change.
  • Settings -> Edit Scope is OK for predefining scopes, but for modifying a scope while I work (i.e. I'm in a file and I just want to add it to the scope), it's very awkward.

What I'd really like is a way to do one of the following:

  • Hit a keystroke or a toolbar button (or a menu item) to add the current file to the current scope/context
    • The counterpoint to this, of course, is a keystroke/button/menu item to remove a file from the current scope/context
  • Check a box somewhere that says "whenever I visit a vile, add it to the current scope/context".

Is there currently a way to do either of these?

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