How to export Android Studio Project to IntelliJ?

First, let me say, yes I know that they both use the same project format, so that is not the issue. The issue that I'm having is that I've created an Android project using Android Studio 1.0 and now I want to work on the project in IntelliJ. In Android Studio I was able to press the run/play button and everything seemed to work right out of the box. When I try to do that with IntelliJ it does not. I'm guessing that I need to do some extra setup in IntelliJ, but I can't seem to find any documents telling me what to do. I tried changing the gradle script to include Maven as recommended by a Stack Overflow post, however I still have the same problem(s).

Would some one be so kind as to point me the the direction of the correct documentation so that I can import the Android Studio 1.0 project, that doesn't have any errors, into IntelliJ, press the run/play button in IntelliJ and have IntelliJ run the app without any errors.

I'm using IntelliJ Ultimate 14, which I purchased so that I could do both Android and Java development (with Spring) from the same IDE.


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