IDEA 14 & Cloud Foundry Deployment => Server Auth Problem

Hello community,

by adding a Cloud Foundry Server (private Cloud) i've got this Error:

Connot connect: org.springframework.web.client.ResourceAccessException: I/O error on GET request for "https://[my-api-endpoint]/info":peer not authenticated; nested exception is peer not authenticated

I've found something like this about my Error:
Some Cloud Foundry deployments, such as those deployed using Pivotal CF,  use a self-signed certificate for SSL connectivity. If you attempt to  target a Cloud Foundry service that is using self-signed certificates,  you may get an error containing the text peer not authenticated

But I have checked Trust self-signed certificates. See attached File!

I would be grateful for your help!


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Here is an answer from the pivotal team:

There are no known issues around the

functionality in the library.
The checks performed when
is enabled are pretty strict.
See for more details on the checks that are performed.
Can you verify that the self-signed certs you are using meet those requirements?

Please let us know, whether it helps, if not we will try to check an integration code with them.

You may join discussion with pivotal team at


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