Strange editor font in 92.24

I haven't seen this mentioned by anyone else, so maybe it's unique to my system (Win XP). The font in the editors is rendering differently in 92.24 than it did in 90.193. In the attached image, 90.193 is the top half, then 92.24, and at the very bottom is one line from each. I've confirmed that the settings are the same, just in case 92.24 was getting them from elsewhere. The font is set to Monotype, size 13, line spacing 1.1, and I tried different settings, but that had no effect.

It looks like it's not being antialiased (checked that setting, too), and the problem is mostly with bolded words, but the letterforms in the regular text look slightly different as well.  I feel a little silly saying so, but for some reason it bothers me to the point that I can't use 92.24.

Is there anything I should try?  Thanks.


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