Any plans to finalize the Terminal implementation in Idea 14?

I might be amongst the few who uses or would like to use this ide feature. Are there plans to improve on this?

These are only a couple of bugs I contributed to ever since its introduction a year ago showing problems especially related to tool window focusing (where the terminal holds fiercely onto its focus and sometimes stealing it): for instance right now in latest EAP build ALT+1 is able to hide the project window if already opened (manually), otherwise, as long as the terminal window is opened, ALT+1 would just input ones in its console:

In time I developed a few workarounds to these bugs, mostly involving closing all terminal windows and starting afresh ..:), but would like to see this one implemented properly. I am confident intellij developers can solve most of these issues.

To other Idea users: please voice your concerns/vote on these issues if you find them important enough.

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Hi, John,

thanks for using Terminal in IntelliJ IDEA and reporing the issues.
The problem with short-cuts in Terminal is that it is difficult to find a balance to IDEA short-cuts don't spoil bash ones and vice versa. True that there are some bugs apart from that.
As for the plans fixing it all, ofcourse we'd like to do that and Terminal component gets our attention from time to time, but no seriuos improvements are planned for IDEA 14. I think it could be rather IDEA 15, but it is not planned neither yet.  

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Thank you for your reply.

I hope you will continue to support and improve the ide terminal; it is anchored quite solidly in my flow and would like to be able to use it in the future as well.


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