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My Intellij 14 licence is running out next week, so I bought a update licence renewal a couple of days ago. But all I got back was an order confirmation and a licence certificate pdf. IntelliJ 14 is still nagging me my licence is expiring and about dialog says it runs out next week. Will it just keep nagging until the new licence takes effect? or did something go wrong?

Is there no key to enter to renew the licence key in the IDE? Just for calification I updated the licence on a different laptop, how do I update other IDEA instances? The one complaing is installed in a one of the Linux VMs I also use for dev work.

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Oh nevermind I worked it out. Had to follow the link in the email to download/activate the licence online. Then find a computer with Flash installed to actually see the licence then copy that into the VM.

In the past the licence would simply be in the email, but as you'd moved to a subscription license I'd expected it just to automatically update across all my installs like antivirus subscriptions. It's just different and not particularly obvious first-time around.


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