"Application descriptor not found" when adding a parameter to the emulator.

I'm trying to add a -scale parameter to the emulator, since the screen size of the Android device I'm emulating is greater than my PC's one, and I can't test properly.

So I found this link: http://imagine.kicbak.com/blog/?p=45

It seemed like the pefect solution, however, when I try to run it it says: "C:\Users\MyName\Documents\Air SDK\bin\adl.exe" -profile extendedMobileDevice -screensize 1600x2560:1600x2560 -XversionPlatform AND -scale 2 C:\Users\MyName\IdeaProjects\MyProject\out\production\MyProject\Main-app.xml C:\Users\MyName\IdeaProjects\MyProject\out\production\MyProject
application descriptor not found

Any ideas why would this happen?.

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IntelliJ IDEA uses ADL tool from the Adobe AIR SDK to debug Android targeted Flex/ActionScript apps. It starts AIR Emulator, it is not an Android Emulator, and unfortunately -scale parameter is not supported by ADT.


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