Create New Groovy Class

Hi all,

I see that Grails/Groovy new creation has become context aware, but I miss the ability to create new Groovy classes/scripts, as was possible in IntelliJ 8, for example when creating a new class in the 'conf' directory. Could you please get this functionality back? Btw, I saw that it's possible to create new Groovy classes when in the 'src/groovy' folder, but I'd like to do the same in the 'conf' directory. And in the 'utils' directory (which is used for Encoders and Decoders), but is not recognized by IntelliJ. Btw, I found out that by making the 'conf' and 'utils' directory a source directory, you do get the functionality back, but my guess is that IntelliJ doesn't mark the conf directory as a source directory for a reason... (Which I can imagine, since it really doesn't hold much source, but mostly configuration).



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