flex - Make project recompiles even if nothing changed

When try to recompile flex project second time without changing anything I still see that compiler detects some changes and recompiles bunch of stuff.

I remember there was a thread about some problem with fcsh that recompiles flex modules even nothing changed. And I see that bug that somewhat related to this issue is marked as fixed:


But I still see the same problem as before. Does IDEADEV-39903 addressed different issue?

I understand that it's mostly fcsh problems, but any chance of improving compilation time on IDEA side?
Currently compilation time the biggest problem for me. It takes approximately 50% longer to recompile small change in IDEA vs Flex Builder.

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Latest EAP (which is Beta) doesn't contain the fix for IDEADEV-39903 yet. Please try next EAP when published.
Currently I may suggest you to increase fcsh heap.
Also you may attach content of 'Messages' tool window after second compilation (that is without changes) to let us analyze it.

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My current IDEA version is 90.193, so I assume the fix would be in the next one, right? (I see that bug marked as fixed in 90.167, but I guess it's wrong).

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90.193 (Beta update) is built from a different branch, so it doesn't contain the fix that is indeed integrated in 90.167 

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