ver 14. diff shelfed changes display wrong file

I am working with newest 14th edition and when I shelf changes I cannot display diff for chosen file. editor chooses random file from shelfed, change-set no matter which file I click. usually it shows last file in set.
this behavior is not connected with file type (pom, java, etc).

I am using 14.0.2 built 139.659 on windows 7 running 1.8 jre

any ideas?

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Similar issues: IDEA-107114, IDEA-134132

Does all of the shelved files present in "Go To Change (Ctrl + N)" menu (accessible by "next/prev change" actions) ?
Does file path for affected files contains non-ascii symbols ?

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yep this is similar to issues you pointed to,

and yes when you start comparing files using next/prev it works. I guess the sorting order is issue here as no matter which file I start comparing I go to same file and then next/prev is showing me files in same order (but is not the same order as on the list)


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