IU9Beta Background Task problem


finished background tasks keep piling up (see screenshot). They are not cancelable nor do they vanish. Eventually I have to restart IU9 because memory limit has been reached. I have been removing the ...system/* files several times to no avail except that initially it seems to works and then eventually  this behaviour begins.

Attaching log, thread dumps and a screenshot.

Anyone with the same problem? And maybe a solution?

Also after installing I wanted to revert and found that of my 11 modules only 5 got their iml files saved in 'projectFilesBackup'.

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You're not alone, I found version 90.162 (Idea 9 beta) was completely unusable for exactly the same reason. Whenever I tried to run it I had the same sort of problem as you did. Indexing never seemed to stop and tasks kept piling-up. Invalidating the cache had no effect.

Having just tried it again, after a couple of days of just using build 154, the beta suddenly seems to start without any problems. Maybe the earlier build fixed an indexing problem, or perhaps it's just a random thing. I always have to run 90.154 twice before i can work, as the first time i start it up each day the indexer throws some sort of FileNotFoundException, and infers that the file was there but was locked by another process. I found it was best to close idea and re-start it, then it would open and index without problems. Having already done that today, before trying 90.162, i can't say what would have happened if build 162 was the first build i'd run today. Maybe the problem i get with 154 would cause 162 to get stuck in an endless indexing cycle.

As I said, i was having the same sort of problem as you, until today (I tried to run 162 several times since it was released), and i'm not convinced it won't happen again.

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I assumed you were using build 162, as i was. Once I'd got it to run without never-ending indexing, I found other problems and reverted to build 154.
This evening, i've noticed that 90.193 is available, and i haven't had a problem with it so far. If you were using build 162 it might be worth trying 193.


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Your assumption was right. 90.193 indeed fixes this problem for mee too. Thx!!

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Hmm.. pity ;-(. Does not. After several hours of work with 4 restarts this behaviour starts again with 90.193 too.


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