IntelliJ editor "wiggles"

This is something that's kind of hard to describe, but it drives me nuts! Sometimes, when editing code in IntelliJ editor, the whole codeview "wiggles" from right to left. not constantly, but now and then for no apparent reason. Please help me find the cause of this! It may seem as a silly little thing, but when you're writing code for hours, these little annoyances add up..

Since it's kind of hard to describe, I've made a little clip of the phenomenon..

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Hello Andreas,

Have you tried changing the font typeface / size? It almost looks like a font kerning issue.

Hope this helps,

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There was a bug a while back where IDEA inserted a gutter icon, and then immediately removed it. This caused a jumping phenomena like like you show. It's possible a similar bug has occurred. I'd try disabling all third party plug-ins and see if the issue goes away. If so, figure out which plug-in and contact the author. If not, I'd open a bug report at


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