Maia IU-90.137 and Groovy.


I just downloaded Maia and decided to try it on our main project.

Opening the Idea 8 based project prompted Maia to convert the project files to version 9 and details showed that Java EE artifacts would be introduced along with migration of groovy facets. Given that our project is JEE based and that we have a module using the groovy facet, this sounds reasonable.

Migration went without errors. However, building the project (ctrl + f9) leads to the following popup occuring every time we build:

As the ivy-utilities-default librarys contains the groovy libraries (version 1.6.5) We press ok and the build succeeds. As mentioned, this popup occures everytime we build, which is quite annoying. Also, each click on the ok button adds another dependency on ivy-utilities-default for the module utilities:


This is quite an annoyance. Does anyone know how to tell Idea that groovy is in that module and stop asking again?


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This is still an issue in Maia IU-90.154.

I've opened a youtrack issue:



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