"Open in Browser" not enabled/greyed out

I cannot get IntelliJ to show me the browser icons or let me navigate to open an HTML file in the browser.

I have looked at:




but that has changed nothing. I am new to IntelliJ and expect I may just be missing something obvious,



Same for me.  Still an issue.


Please provide a screenshot that shows up the issue plus your idea.log (https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241085-Locating-IDE-log-files)

Note: please don't paste log here, upload it to some file server and provide a link


Sigh. Classic response.  

Behold the view menu: https://www.screencast.com/t/sMqnC7c4NOub Notice that there is no option there to "View in Browser"

Behold the right-click menu when I right-click an HTML file: https://www.screencast.com/t/wDn3BZzRM Notice that there is no option there to "Open in Browser"

My radical idea is that 1) you implement this useful feature and 2) update the documentation to include a section on troubleshooting... defining and sorting a list of browsers is fairly straightforward, but the current documentation page is entirely useless because it includes zero information about WHY we would set up these browsers and zero information on HOW to use this feature.  As such, it fails to serve its sole purpose.


Unfortunately both your links result in https://www.screencast.com/404.aspx. And I still need the idea.log

>you implement this useful feature

sorry, what feature? 'Open in browser'? It's definitely there:


And I'm not actually sure what information about using it you are looking for. It's very straightforward - right-click HTML file, choose a browser from the submenu. You can also use the browsers bar shown in the top right editor corner


if you can't see these menus, this likely means that .html extension is assigned to a different file type, and the type provider doesn't implement the corresponding functions. For example, in Go projects HTML files are treated as Go templates, in PyThon - as PyThon templates (Django, etc.). Also, some third-party plugins also re-assign this file type.

By looking at the logs/screenshots, I can see what's going on. Thus the 'classic response'.


thanks, @Andriy, can see them now:)

Still no ideas. as far as I can see, running/debugging is also not available (but it should work for normal HTMl files, as well as for Python templates)


"sorry, what feature? 'Open in browser'? It's definitely there:"  -- no, it is not.  I'm not insane, I'm just constantly frustrated by this product and the ineffective documentation style.


Here's the log:

<cut for thread readability>


I can see that you have Go plugin installed. Do you have Go Tools menu item in your html file right-click menu? Also, do you have GO SDK configured in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Go | GOROOT?


Yes, I have Go installed, and yes, there is a "Go Tools" menu item when I right-click an html file.  Yes, I have entered in various preferences for Go under Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Go including GOROOT, but to note: this is not, however, labeled as the "GO SDK".


seems you have your HTML treated as Go template. In Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Go | GOROOT, set it to <No SDK> - does it help?


Yes, thank you, that did it (I did have to restart IntelliJ for this to kick in).  I'm not sure how this will affect my Go projects, however.  It would be really useful to include a note about this type of conflict on the page re browsers.

This issue is very much related to my biggest struggle with IntelliJ as a whole: although it says it supports multiple languages, in reality, working with more than one or two requires so much patience and obscure configuration that it often quickly becomes a frustrating descent into madness.  I have yet to have a single project in any language work fully cleanly in IntelliJ... there are always some glitches somewhere, be it a built-in class that isn't recognized (e.g. Ruby), some requirement to use the IntelliJ environment instead of the native environment for location packages (e.g. Python), or lack of a consistent nomenclature for language navigation (e.g. PHP, where its "SDK" is not an SDK).  And things get *really* rough when a single project relies on more than one language.


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