14.0.2, Gradle 2.x?!?

I want to say how disappointed I am that such a large change was made in a dot.dot release. Requiring users to upgrade a major gradle version, which in turn requires an upgrade of the Android plugin?! This is absolutely something that shouldn't have been done in a dot.dot release. Not to mention that there's no mention of this in the release notes.

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IDEA 14 was released with bundled gradle tooling API jars v. 2.1. There was no upgrade of the bundled tooling jars for IDEA 14.0.x. However it should supports Gradle since 1.9 till the recent one.
If you mean android-gradle projects, you should set appropriate title for the thread and write some details of what combination of versions of 'android build tools', gradle sdk etc set in your project doesn't work for you.

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thanks for that helpful response. after all, the real problem here is that i didn't give this thread a title that completely encompassed every aspect of this problem, right?

all i did was press the upgrade button, and when intellij restarted it gave me message saying that gradle 2.1 is required and wouldn't compile my projects with gradle 1.12 which i had been using on 14.0.1. i don't think there's a lot to misunderstand about what's going on.

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look, the title is what it is now. if a moderator can change it, great. otherwise, can we move on? is the title really confusing everyone here so much they can't understand the issue?

"what combination of versions 'of android build tools', gradle sdk etc set in your project."

didn't i already do that?

intellij CE 14.0.2
gradle 1.12
android gradle build tools 0.12.+

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Of course, the title it's not the main problem , but it should not mislead other idea gradle users.

Once again (not for you, but for other gradle idea users), we are trying to retain backward compatibility with old gradle version as much as possible.
Any compatibility breaking changes (and/or regressions) caused by bugfixes or feature implementation or update of bundled tooling jars(it can be required e.g. for some features of other plugins like android plugin) will be considered as a bug with high priority and should be fixed in dot.dot release.

I'm not sure if the same intention was possible for recent android plugin development. You know, Android Studio 1.0 was released only on this week.
Maybe this event caused such merges of Android Studio changes into IDEA 14.0.x but I'm not aware of this planning.

You can find some related discussions at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-132254 and https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-134118
The long answer from Scott Barta on question: What is the Android plugin version included in IntelliJ IDEA? at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26262344/what-is-the-android-plugin-version-included-in-intellij-idea/26262595#26262595


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