sharing IvyIDEA configurations in SCM


We're currently trying to figure out the best way to share our IntelliJ project files in Subversion.

I've followed the advice here:

One problem I think we might have is our Ivy facets.  These store absolute paths to the Ivy configuration files (and properties files) in the module's .iml file.  This means that unless people check out their projects to the exact same location, this location will differ between developers.

Is there a way to specify a relative path for these files?  These files will be contained within the module itself...

The items in question are these (from the module.iml containing the Ivy facet):

    <facet type="IvyIDEA" name="IvyIDEA">
      <configuration ivyFile="D:\w2\jfm\trunk\jfm-trunk\newbuild\ivy.xml" useProjectSettings="false" useCustomIvySettings="true" ivySettingsFile="D:\w2\jfm\trunk\jfm-trunk\newbuild\common\ivysettings.xml" onlyResolveSelectedConfigs="true">


          <propertiesFiles includeProjectLevelPropertiesFiles="true">

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I edited iml files (and .idea/misc.xml file with reference to ivy-settings) in text editor, and I replaced full paths with properties: 



It seems to be working.


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