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I'm new in both Java and IntelliJ.
The way IntelliJ GUI designer works, drives me crazy! I don't understand it at all, I've designed UI in Visual Studio, but they don't look alike!
For example I put a button in the form, It would be surronded by a Pane (Why?), I cannot move it, chnage the size, change the location and ...
Is there any free video tutorial, (Preferably not in Youtube, in iran it's blocked).

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Basically IDEA GUI designer just supports Java Swing features. Are you familiar with Swing? Some Swing conceptions may look strange if you are new in Java. For example, you really "can't move" any component without limitations, a component position is defined by chosen container layout.

If necessary, you can take a look at Oracle Swing tutorial:

For example, this page demonstrates how your components will be positioned depending on chosen layout:

If you already know all that, then sorry. But please specify your problem in terms of layouts, if so.



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