Project doesn't reload on update of *.[ei]ml or .classpath files

We have a project with a very old build structure that comes with its own Eclipse project and classpath files. I import this into IntelliJ as an Eclipse project, with the Link created IntelliJ IDEA modules to Eclipse project files checkbox checked (see attached screenshot). That all works fine.

I occasionally have to update the dependencies for this module by hand (It's a long story as to why I have to do this, so just assume that I have a good reason why :)). Previously I would just update the .classpath file and, since it's linked to the IDEA module, I would get the dialog about something changed, do you want to reload the project, I would say yes and the project would reload with my changes now reflected in the dependencies.

This no longer happens with 14.0. I've tried on both Windows and OSX, changing the paths in the .classpath and in the .iml and .eml module files. I don't see any setting in the preferences that lets me configure whether the project prompts to reload on changes either. The only way I can get these changes pulled in is to manually close and re-open the project.

Any idea on how to get it back to prompting when the module configs are modified?

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.55.28 AM.png
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Done, thanks for the tip, Sasha!


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