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Hello James,

I usually set Working Directory to: $MODULE_DIR$ so that tools like
JUnit always run tests in the base directory of my module.

Has this variable been removed in 90.94?  When I start it I get an
error that MODULE_DIR is not defined.  See screenshots.

Thank you. There is really something inconsistent, I've created http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEADEV-41001


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Thank you Alexander.  I see a comment on the ticket that indicates we shouldn't be using $MODULE_DIR$.  That's interesting.  I use it on almost all my projects/modules, so I hope it doesn't get removed in a future release.  Or if it does I hope it is replaced with some other way to specify a working directory that is based on the module root.

I bet that's something many users also need in order for things like unit tests to run predictably across machines.


-- James


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