No web application framework?

For the last few hours I was trying to figure out how to enable javascript debugging in IntelliJ. I came across this guide:

When I get to point 3 "Under Additional Libraries and Frameworks, select the Web Application check box.", I get stuck. Under Java, I only have the Groovy framework. There is no web application framework.

I tries searching for how to enable it, couldn't find any help. I updated to the newest version of IntelliJ, still no luck.

How do I get the Web Application framework in IntelliJ?

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"Web Applications" are Java web applications, related to Java EE technologies, and probably not what you find.

You most likely need this guide:

In particular, the required module type is Static Web.


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Just to add one more thing - Web Application Framework is present only in Ultimate version of IDEA (are you using Community version?).

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I am using the community edition.


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