flex errors which are not errors in 90.94


I am trying to build a flex GUI. and I have some expressions which are marked as errors in the 90.94 version but are not marked as errors in flash builder also the program compiles and runs ok,

  1. xml.a.(b == "11")is a legtit expression in flex (an "a" tag which it's "b" tag == 11) and is marked as an error.  
  2. mx:HorizontalList itemRenderer="IconRendererSmall"where IconRendererSmall is a class in the project. (IconRendererSmall is marked as an error)
  3. the expressionarguments.callee is  marked as an error

Those wrong markings do not effect the debug or running of the program, only makes it hard to find the real syntax errors.

Any help on how to declare those as legit expressions will be appreciated.



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These seem to be bugs that should be fixed. Thank you for the reporting.


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