Different repositories for each module in intellij IDEA.

I'm not sure how to select a different git repo for each different module I have in my IDEA project, I'm not seeing any option for that, all the git options seem to only relate to one git repo.

Is there a way to differentiate them?, so:

(All inside the same project)
Module A -> repo A
Module B -> repo B.


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That is defined by Git and is configured within Git's .git directory. As such, each module will have to be cloned separately so they each contain the proper .git directory.

If you want to change the repo location, you need to change it via a git command.See the following Stackoverflow posts for some guidance:

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It's all working now, except the push part. When I select the module and go toVCS->Git->Push it only shows one module, the first one I created when I created the project. The other modules are not in the list, so I can't push the changes.

Any idea why this could be happenning?.


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