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Hi all,
I think intellij should be recognizing a library and it is not. Attached is a screenshot that has all the information necessary to explain the problem.

In words, I have defined a library (asm4.2) location to Intellij in the Project Structure dialog. In the foreground of the screenshot, you see the library is defined in the Project Structure dialog. In the background of the screenshot you see the relelvant imports in the code editor are nevertheless highlighted in red, indicating the imports are failing (indicating Intellij is unable to find the indicated classes)

I have confirmed

1) The indicated library location does indeed have the expected files. Specifically the path


does lead to a jar whose top level folder is in fact org\objectweb\ etc etc and the expected .class files are present and correctly named (ClassReader.class etc etc).

2) I have applied the changes to the project, closed the Project Structure dialog and waited for the changes to be applied. As of the time the screenshot was taken, the imports statements should have resolved; I re-opened the Project Structure dialog just to obtain the screenshot.

I am not looking for someone to solve my problem per se (although I'll appreciate any suggestions), but just a confirmation of my judgement; this represents an error on Intellij 's part.

Thanks in advance.

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OK it seems like it wants us to define the library as a dependency of a module, not a project. So libraries are associated with modules  only on a per module basis then and there is no way to associate a library with an entire project ?  I *tried* adding the library as a "global library" associated with the SDK I was using but it still didn't recognize it.


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