how to *completely* disable mouse/touchpad in editor?

I use IdeaVim plugin, which is awesome, except of one annoyance. When  I'm in "insert mode", I sometimes accidentally hit the touchpad/mouse,  and then the caret starts typing in a different location. Similarly,  sometimes accidental touchpad hits selects random regions in the editor.

Note  that I already have "disable touchpad when typing" in my OS  (debian+gnome). So I'd like to solve it at the PyCharm level, rather  than the OS. Also because, these incidents usually happen after I pause  for a second to think, so the OS does not know that I'm still "typing".

I already disable everything mouse-related in Settings>Editor, but that does not help.

Since I do not need the mouse/touchpad at all, I would love to disable it completely when I'm in the editor pane. (If that's not possible, a second-best  solution would be to disable mouse/touchpad completely in IntelliJ, since I'm only using the keyboard shortcuts anyways).

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Currently it's not possible in IdeaVim. Probably this should be handled at the level of the IntelliJ platform. You are welcome to file a request at


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