Maia #10781 subversion authentication credentials are not saved

Anyone else seen this? I am continually prompted to log in to subversion, despite selecting the "Save Credentials" checkbox.

- This is on Windows XP Pro SP3, running against a remote svn+ssh subversion 1.6 repository.
- I also use Maia #10781 on Ubuntu and haven't seen this issue there on linux despite running against the same remote svn repository.
- I am using private key authentication with no (blank) passphrase.
- I did not see this problem on the previous IntelliJ 9 EAP build, so I suspect regression.
- A colleague -- also on Windows -- is seeing the same behavior, so there is some independent confirmation.

I will also log this in the bug tracker, but I wanted to check here to see if it was a known issue. (A JIRA search didn't turn up anything.)

Thanks Jetbrains, et al!

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