Git Pull Stopped Working

Has anybody seen the Git pull behavior stop working?

I'm running build #10372 doing a Grails application. I pushed some changes I made over lunch to the central Git repository from my office. After starting up Maia at home, I selected the module node, then Version Control | Git |Pull Changes... and nothing happened. (Actually, I did see the flicker of a Vista spinning circle wait icon, but that was it. No Pull dialog.)

I checked the git configuration and tested that I could connect to Git from inside IDEA. I ended up going out to the command line and issuing the Git pull from there.

I just downloaded the latest EAP and will install it when I get a chance. Maybe the issue will go away with that build.

I'd welcome any hints as to what may be happening.


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Are you using github by any chance? I'm experiencing similar symptoms it seems - different OS and build though.



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