Cannot resolve symbol on import

Hello -- This problem happens intermittenly for different libraries and different projects --
When trying to import a library, the package will be recognized, but the class name cannot be resolved.

If on the import statement, I right-click -> Goto -> the package's declaration, I see all the decompiled classes displayed in the side pane -- Including the ones I need --
If I try to auto-complete the import statement, I notice the class I need is not featured in the dropdown.

I tried invalidating caches already, doesn't work. I cannot find any class conflicts -- there is no other jar file in my classpath with the same package name.
I am able to import this class into other projects.

Please see attached image --

Anyone have a clue? --- Thanks

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Don't know the answer for sure. However, on the screenshot, in the completion list I see a couple of classes: HttpServer, WeakListener. Where are they from? Maybe finding the location of those classes can help to understand why do they "shade" the actually necessary classes.

(To find referred classes, put the selection on them in the completion list and do Go to Declaration: Ctrl+B.)



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