IDEA 14 - Run all tests in folder when right-click

So I had that option when I was using Idea 13 Ultimate, now I upgraded to 14 and option is no longer there. Basically when right-clicking a folder (be it a module, a folder with tests inside a module, or a specific package inside a folder with tests in a module) I want "Run all tests" that would run tests only in that selected folder. This option is missing. I have tried all I could think of but no luck...
I would show you a screenshot of the menu but apparently adding images to posts on this forum in latest firefox on osx doesn't work :)

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The option is still available for me (on Windows).


Can you run them via the keyboard shortcut? Just select the module/package, etc in the Project tool window or the navigation bar and launch the "Run Context Configuration" action. By default it is mapped to Ctrl+Shift+F10 or R. You can verify by going to Help > Find Action and search for Run Context Configuration. It will show the shortcut in the results.

If you can run the action by the keyboard shortcut, then it sounds like a UI issue and you would likely need to open a bug report.

Also, if by chance it is a module that has both Junit and TestNG in its' classpath, instead of the "Run tests in" option, you get a Run >" option with a side menu:



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