Idea 14 gets unresponsive

Just as the idea 13, the idea 14 evaluation version I started using a week ago, seems to have crashed again.

When it happens, it does so randomly, after a long use, ie a couple of days. With Idea 13 I would just exit completely idea once a day to prevent this. Furthermore, there's no relevant log entry anywhere I can see.

When it happened I had 4 instances running, although only one in the foreground, just initiated a test hence started building the project again. however, for this test instance the log doesn't show anything, the last log in tail shows the previous (2 minutes before) compile/build.

OS: Linux Mint 17, 64bit



Thanks for any idea on how to solve this, if possible

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I got it to crash again!

this is the log since restart:

EDIT: added last 2 thread dumps.


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