Status message flashes at bottom of "Changes" panel

There is a status message that displays at the bottom of the "Local" tab of the "Changes" panel. The status message says "Updating: CVS" in a gray bar that extends the width of the panel. When the operation is complete, the message and the long gray bar disappear.

The problem is that when IDEA decides to refresh VCS information (as opposed to me hitting the refresh button), that message rapidly flashes at the bottom of the panel many times. Each time it appears and disappears so fast that it is unreadable. It is very distracting as it is so similar to Windows flashing my taskbar when a window needs attention. Can this message be displayed in the status area?

I have attached a screen capture showing where the message displays.

I see this only in the "Local" tab. The "Shelf", "Repository", and "Incoming" tabs do not exhibit this behavior.

I am running Maia 10781.



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