Running AIR apps in 10781?

I just started up 10781 and it appears to have lost the ability to run my AIR applications. From the RUN configuration the "AIR Application Descriptor" option is missing. Did this build change how AIR apps are launched? Or is this a bug?

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AIR run configuration is now separate from Flex one. Open 'Run/Debug Configurations' dialog, press [+] and select AIR from drop-down menu. You'll notice that now you are able to configure more AIR run parameters than before:

  • AIR Application Descriptor
  • Root directory
  • Publisher ID
  • Program parameters

Also we plan to create AIR run configuration from context, i.e. by just pressing Ctrl+Shift+F10 (or right click + respective popup menu item) when cursor is in application descriptor file or in a class that extends WindowedApplication.

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I swear I looked for a new run type, d'oh. Thanks again for the hard work on the Flex Integration.


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