Reformatting doing some odd indenting

I'm seeing a new problem with IntelliJ 14.

I have a project with several modules.
When I reformat java source, it's not honouring my settings of 4 space indents. Instead it's using 2 spaces.

What's odd is that this is consistent on a per module basis.
In some modules, the code reformats correctly with 4 spaces.
In other, it reformats incorrectly with 2.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

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I can't say that know the reason for sure, but it may be the new code style setting: "Detect and use existent file indents for editing". If it is On for you, then please try it Off.


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Tried turning it off and restarted IntelliJ - no change.

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Found it!

Editor -> Code Style -> Enable EditorConfig support

Turned it off and everything is back to normal.

Found some .editorConfig files in our project that have probably been sucked in by bower/grunt/yeoman or something.


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