Maven properties defined in 'Maven Settings' don't work correctly (10762).

When I go to:

File -- Settings -- Maven -- Runner

and define properties they don't seem to be handled correctly.  In my poms they (the properties) will show up in red as if they aren't defined.  For example, I sometimes append a VCS revision number to artifact names:


I have TeamCity set this property on my build server and on my development machine I go into 'Maven Settings' and set buildNumber to 'DEV-Ryan' or some other static value.  The 'buildNumber' property is always highlighted as an error (cannot resolve symbol) even though it's defined in 'Maven Settings'.  Everything builds as I'd expect (the properties do actually get set at some point).

This also causes problems for me in some of my Flex modules.  When using:


the value of 'use custom compiler configuration file' in my Flex facets will be set incorrectly.  It will bet set to${buildNumber}-config-report.xml rather than substituting an actual property value (like DEV-Ryan) for 'buildNumber'.

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