10762 Strange Behavior

Ever since upgrading to 10762 I have been experiencing  strange behavior regarding the file system and memory content. I am regularly getting popups telling me that memory content and file system content are different. I view the difference, select the correct one but am still losing lots of changes in other files. Changes that I made an hour ago will suddenly go missing. I put them back and later they go missing again. Sometimes I can find the changes in local history, sometimes not (once they are in local history they are always there). Other strange behavior is areas of code being changed that I have not touched. I keep reverting the changes and somehow they keep coming back. I'm not sure at all where they are coming from but think it must have something to do with the Starteam integration. Not sure what is going on but wanted to report what I've been experiencing.

Good news - eclipse integration is working well!

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I'm wondering whether this may associated with the odd CVS behaviour when updating projects, committing files, etc. It sometimes gives the impression that file synchronisation and updating is running in the background, but is running extremely slowly, so that it may be many minutes before a file is correctly updated or synchronised, and in the meantime, it gives all kinds of weird results when accessed. This is pure speculation, but the odd file behaviour is inconsistent and sometimes just resolves itself after a while, which suggests a low priority or interrupted background process.


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