IntelliJ IDEA 13 & Adobe Scout - How to setup

I am trying to enable advanced telemetry in IntelliJ in my AIR projects.

I have tried setting the flag -advanced-telemetry=true in compile options and method described in this thread
When i run the compiled SWF itself, it will get registered by Adobe Scout, but when i package the app for mobile and run it on the my device, the app will not get registered.

Is there something else i could try?

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If your Flex/AIR SDK version supports -advanced-telemetry option (I believe it does) then instructions from that old thread related to Python script could be ignored.
As for device to computer communication using Adobe Scout I'm afraid I have no experience here. I think Adobe Scout documentation should contain required instructions.

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We're also having trouble doing this same thing in IDEA 13.

All the documentation and forum posts seem to suggest that you need to do the following:

- add the -advanced-telemetry flag as Additional compiler options at Compiler Options tab of the Flash build configuration (Project Structure dialog).
- make sure that the app is marked as Pure AS (General tab).
- make sure that 'Prefer ASC 2.0' is enabled at Settings | Compiler | Flex Compiler.

We are using Flex 4.6 overlayed with AIR 15, and have Prefer ASC 2.0 checked, but when we add the -advanced-telemetry flag into additional compiler options, the compiler throws the following error:

"unknown configuration variable 'advanced-telemetry'"

This suggest to me that for some reason ASC isn't actually being used. Nothing else we've tried works either.

Can anyone help?

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We are using Flex 4.6 overlayed with AIR 15

Make sure that you overlaid AIR SDK with ASC 2.0. AIR SDK for Flex developers doesn't contain ASC 2.0. Other IDEs require AIR SDK for Flex developers for overlay but IntelliJ IDEA works fine with any AIR SDK bundle.

Also you may switch to Apache Flex SDK: with it you can use -advanced-telemetry flag not only in Pure AS build configurations, but in Flex ones as well. Flex 4.6 is sooo old.


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