Intellij IDEA Navigation questions (Mac OS X)

I want to know if there are shortcuts/actions for navigating between different panes/components of Intellij IDEA, without closing those panes. Specifically:

  • have Scala console and code file open, and switch back and forth between them
  • have Terminal and code file open, and switch back and forth between them
  • have Scala console, Terminal, console and cycle through them or switch between a pair of them

In particular once in terminal, no keyboard shortcut works, so the only way to escape back from terminal seems to be close it (Cmd+W). Is there a way to keep terminal open and escape to code?

In the documentation I've seen various shortcuts/actions that do something close to these, but not quite: I know I can use F12 or Cmd+4 or Cmd+5 to go to the Scala Console and use ESC to get back to code without closing the window.

But I'm wondering if there is a general way to cycle/switch among the panes without using the switcher (Ctrl+TAB)

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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Have you tried looking under Preferences > IDE Settings > KeyMap? You can find what you are trying to do and create you own shortcut for it.

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Yes I did look at the Keymap several times. If  I knew which actions do what I want, I could search by action and define the keyboard shortcuts myself. The problem is I don't know if there are actions for what I want to do (essentially cycle/switch between panes of the app while keep all panes open), and if they do exist, what those actions are called so I can search for those.

In particular, what action should I look for, to escape from terminal back to my code, without closing the terminal pane?


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