HotSwap does not work on dependency classpath resources for WAR


I am deploying an exploded WAR which depend on a couple of Maven JAR dependencies.
One of those dependencies contain classpath resources that are read during runtime.

If I place a resource straight into the WAR-project, then the resource is updated in runtime if I change it, since the file is read from the "target/" directory of the project. (I inspected the resolved filepath of the resource).

But if I am reading a resource that comes from a JAR dependency, then those resources are unpacked into a path like "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\.IntelliJIdea13\system\tomcat\[PROJECTNAME]\work\Catalina\localhost\[PROJECTNAME]\loader\[RESOURCENAME]".
But when I change the file in the IDE and deactivate the frame, IntelliJ says that no files have been reloaded, and the file in the unpacked "loader" directory is not updated.

Right now I have to open the "loader" directory manually and update the file with a text editor, and then copy over the content into the IDE when I'm done...

Does anyone have any idea about what I'm doing wrong? How is this solved?


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