Gradle Module not working

If I create a new Gradle project everything is fine:  The project structure is created for the Gradle-Project, I see the Gradle-Task-View and everything works as expected.

Now I create a new empty project. Inside the project I create a new Gradle module.  A "build.gradle" is created. But there is not directoy structure and no Gradle-Task-View.
There isn't any Gradle support at all.

Does Gradle IDE integration just work on project level? Or should it work for modules,also?
Please check the attached screeshot wich shows my "not-working" Gradle module.


try the following:
1) Open project structure => Modules
2) Press "+" button, choose "Import Module"
3) Select directory with previously created module and use Gradle module import wizard


Thanks, Vladislav.

But this doesn't work either.
If I import the existing Gradle-module in the same project I've got:  Project already exists
If I import the existing Gradle-project as a module, the project structure is messed up.

Is there no way to get the Gradle-Task-View in a non Gradle project but with an integrated Gradle module?


please, make sure that you've selected directory which contains build.gradle file on the step 3 (or select build.gradle file itself)


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