IDEA not recognizing some AngularJS items

I recently upgraded from Webstorm 8 to IntelliJ IDEA 13, in part for the support for the AngularJS framework that I am making more extensive use of these days. After having to "fake it" and deal with lots and lots of warnings since the old IDE didn't support Angular, I was excited to be getting some tools to help me along.

However, I've run into an issue with the IDE not recognizing some items from AngularJS. The first example I came across is the "module". When defining my app, I created angular.module. "module" was not an option in the autocomplete after typing angular. and IDEA is insisting that 'module' is an undefined function.

It also does not suggest and makes complaints about "ng-app". No matter where I put it, (on the html tag in the example), it tells me that it is not allowed there.

I have angular.min.js in my project directory and I have added it to Project -> JavaScript -> Libraries. I have also installed and enabled the AngularJS plugin.

I tried restarting IntelliJ several times and even rebooted the entire computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I always use CDN and followed to steps here:

Basically ALT+ENTER on the CDN and "Download Library" to get it into the cache for reference.  After that ng-app and others were working correctly.


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