cvs file changed on server and other problems


I just started using eap Maia 10666 and one of my favourite idea features - cvs integration - has suddenly a lot of problems
  - commit directory:  it takes much, much longer until the commit dialog appear (compared to 8.1 and 10376 or thereabout); I can get a coffee and drink it while staring at the "performing VCS refresh"  message
  - a lot of files in the commit dialog are marked "file changed on server" although the file did not change
- using cvs rollback in the commit dialog works but does not update the commit dialog itsself
  - history doesn't always work
  - rollback doesn't always work
   - focus gets sometimes lost in the commit dialog (can't type) and it stays lost until I restart idea
   - last message doesn't get updated - it stills shows the last message I used before I swithched to the new version

I'm using Idea under Ubuntu Linux with java


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I'm getting these and other CVS problems with Maia 10666 under Windows XP - I was just going to post a new message when I saw yours.

The worst stuff is when I do an 'Update Project', I don't get all the new files that have been added to CVS by others - if I repeat the 'Update Project' command it tells me the files are all up to date, but if I try to build the project, files are missing. If I navigate to the source root node in the Project pane tree and use the context menu to manually 'CVS/Update Directories', I do seem to get a complete update.

Three times recently I have had 'Update Project' give me a corrupted partial source file, i.e. just half of the file, which obviously cannot compile and turns the project tree red. If I use the editor context menu to 'CVS/Update File', it tells me that the file is up to date. If I try 'CVS/Compare with Latest Repository Version', it tells me that 'Version xxx does not exist in repository'. But if I try 'CVS/Compare with Specified Revision...' and then select the same branch (so it is equivalent to 'Compare with Latest Repository Version'), it shows me the comparison with the correct repository file. By trial and error, I've discovered that if I edit the file, then use the editor context menu to 'CVS/Rollback', I will get the complete latest file.

I was getting some of these CVS problems in Maia 10652, and reverted back to 10633 which worked OK, so it looks like some change after 10633 has really messed up CVS handling.

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same here, just that i have to call for the history twice sometimes. and in most cases, creating a tag
while comitting doesn't work. the files are commited, but not tagged

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I'm seeing these issues.  I am also finding that when I have a multi-module project, when I check in, I need to checkin each module separately.  If I select all files in my changelist, and they span modules, only the files in the first module are checked in.

I have reverted back to Build 10633.



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