Using the jetbrains plugin repo

Hi All,

I am using intellij 13.1.5 and noticed a major discrepancy between what shows up in my plugins list from Intellij's in-built "plugin browser" and what is available at:

Updating doesn't change things

As an example, in my local view I do not see the plugin
Installing by hand is possible, but I would like to get the plugin browser to update/work.

Any suggestions for what could be the fix?


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Grammar-Kit plugin version 1.1.10 requires IntelliJ IDEA 14 RC,
Grammar-Kit plugin version 1.1.10_13 is the latest compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.5.

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Right, thanks. But how come I'm not able to see it in the inbuilt plugin browser? (+ a ton of other plugins)

Is the plugin browser tuned-in to only the latest version of a plugin, and filtering out the availability based on compatibility with my intellij?

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IDE shows only the latest versions of compatible plugins.


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