Odd keyboard behavior in html and xml files

A couple colleagues and I have been seeing some strange issues with keyboard input in html and xml files.  I'll try to describe some of what we're seeing:

  • In html and xml, 'enter' key does not create a new line unless we're on the last line of the file.
  • In html, we cannot type a '>' after a closing quote to finish a <script> tag.  For example:
    • <script src="path/to/file.js"  <!-- We cannot type the closing bracket.  If we erase the end quote after file.js, however, typing the closing bracket does work. -->
  • In html, we can search the current file with ctrl-f, but we cannot search all files with ctrl-shift-f.  Pressing ctrl-shift-f offers no result whatsoever.

I've searched quite a bit but have been unable to find anyone else with similar issues.  For reference, we're all on IDEA 13.1.5 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.  

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