Why is the Command line arguments for run/debug configurations read-only?

I'm trying to edit the command line arguments for a custom remote debug config.

However, all the fields are read only and I can't change the value of the suspend=n to suspend=y.

I realize that if I switch the debugger mode from "attach" to "listen" it will do that for me, but that defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do.

I am trying to attach to a suspended FitNesse test run and listen does not work.

So again, WHY are these fields read-only and where can I change these values if not here?

Running IntelliJ 13.1.5 on x64 Windows 7.  It is also a Maven project, if that makes a difference.

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Hi John,

The "Remote" configuration assumes you are connecting to _already running_ process. The process you are going to attach to is supposed to be started by you from the command line or by another program. In order for this JVM to be "debuggable", it should be started with the command line options enabling debugging. These options for your convenience are listed in these text fields (depending on JVM version), allowing you to simply copy them into clipboard and paste into console or a startup script. So this data is indeed "read-only", it does not affect the execution process of the run configuration.



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