Set working dir in Terminal plugin


when I open the terminal window in IntelliJ in a maven multi-module project, the working dir is set to a submodule (the first available).

How can I set it to base directory of the parent project?

Used software: IntelliJ 13.1.5



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I have a similar question. But with my multi-module maven project the Terminal default directory isn't the root project (parent project) and the submodule folder it chooses isn't the first available either. Not the first in the Project Structure - Modules list nor in the Project Tool (Sidebar) nor the Maven tool list of modules. It 'might' just be the first if the list of modules was asciibetically sorted? But the choice is outside of any obvious control.

My default also isn't a folder I ever want a terminal on, the root would suit me better or the folder highlighted in the project tool..?


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