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Here's a quick thought about a new functionnality that could be added to the license server.

What about allowing the server to provide default settings to user installations?

When somebody installs a new copy of IDEA and enters the license server's URL, the panel could ask the user if he/she wants to download the default settings that have been configued. If he/she says yes, then it would download a settings.jar archive and import it automatically.

The import mechanism would be the same as today. On the server part, we would just need to specify a JAR that has been generated by exporting the settings of an existing IDEA installation.

Basically, today a new installation requires the two sames steps: enter URL and import JAR. This functionnality would make things faster.

What do you think?


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I would like it, to install the configured default plugins, too.
So I could e.g. install the checkstyle - plugin company wide from the IntelliJ Repositories.




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