Sdk location for vanilla intellij


I am creating scripts to set up Intellij IDEA instance for developers. I can install, run given project, manage plugins, etc.

I face a problem: I can't find where or how I can install sdk for Intellij platfrm (SDK used in project). Currently user that don't have previous settings have to do it manually.
Do you have any idea how I can do it programically?

I am using Intellij 13.1.1 Comunity Edition.

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You would need to copy/create the configuration file that stores the SDK configurations. They are stored in the file ${config-directory}/options/jdk.table.xml (See Directories used by the IDE to store settings, caches, plugins and logs for the location of the 'config' directory on the various platforms).

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Thanks a lot ;)

I am able to control config directory (idea.config.path in

Abother problem:
User can defie in his home directory and those properties are more important then default one in bin in installation dir. Do you have any idea how override/hack this?

Currently I am only display a warning for user but my goal is to disable it.


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