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nearly all my Files have a file-header - like this:

* Copyright by Jörg Wrase -
* Date: 11.07.12
* Time: 03:04
Alway when I update this file, I have to change the Date an 
Time manualy - is there a way to do that automaticly 
(like insert an Variable) - so that PHPStorm / IntelliJ knows on Change that the date and Time have to be updatet?

Like it should be:

Open a file - see the last updatet Time-infos in Header
Only on change the Date will be updatet.
If I roll back to the orginal file-content - the Time and Date should NOT be updatet.

Is this possible - will that be possible in feature?

Would be very nice for me (and alle people that work with me)


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Basically this may be automated using bundled Copyright plugin. With that plugin you have not to edit the copyright comment manually: you can configure it to insert current date and time by a command, applied to the whole directory in your project. Please check plugin documentation (in IDE help) and ask specific questions, if any.

However, the plugin does not support an update on-the-fly, while you're editing the source. Instead, you can either call a special Update Copyright action, as mentioned above, or set an option in Commit dialog, to update files while committing into VCS.



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