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I have a two hard drives in my PC, using C: partition for the operating system and D: for programs. I also have moved some of my user directories (downloads, desktop, documents, pictures and videos) to D:/Users/David. After that I've installed IntelliJ in D: and the .IntelliJIdea13 folder have been created in D:/Users/David. After that I've installed Scala plugin, created an SBT projects and build. After finish I have an sbt folder in C:/Users/David but the project is looking for it in D:/UsersDavid. This is a chaos! What can I do to force Intellij to install all in the same place?

Thanks in advance.

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From your description I'm not quite sure where is your user home (in Windows terms) now: on C: or on D:? Anyway, please check bin/ settings, like described here:
Maybe adjusting it helps.



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